Transfer Money from EBL Account to bKash Account anytime, from anywhere

Now Eastern Bank account holders can enjoy instant money transfer service from EBL account to any bKash customer account using internet banking via iOS and Android app. EBL account holder will use his/her Internet Banking App (EBL SKYBANKING App) credentials to log into bank account and perform the transaction.

How it works:

Add Beneficiary:

1. Go to EBL SKYBANKING App and enter your ID and password

2. Select the ‘Fund Transfer’ option

3. Select the ‘Fund Transfer Beneficiary Add’ option

4. Fill up all necessary information and press the ‘Submit’ button. A pop-up message will appear

Fund Transfer:

1. Log into the SKYBANKING App and select the ‘Fund Transfer’ option

2. Select the ‘Transfer to bKash’ option

3. Select beneficiary name and fill in the amount you want to transfer. Press the ‘Submit’ button

4. Fill in the OTP you received in SMS and press the ‘Submit OTP’ button

5. You will receive an in-app notification after a successful transaction