Add Money from most Banks and Cards in the country

bKash customers can add money from their bank account or Visa card or MasterCard at home. This is an instant money transfer process through internet banking. There is no charge for this service.

Add Money Option:


Upon payment of 1,000 Taka or more with the bKash app, customers will receive a 150 Taka superstore discount coupon.

Offer Valid Till: 31st January 2021

Offer Details:

  • Customers have to add 1000 Taka or more to avail of this offer
  • A customer will receive a one-time discount coupon during the offer
  • The offer is applicable for customers who have added money to the bKash account from a bank or card in November 2020 but did not do so between December 1st and the 30th of 2020.
  • The offer applies for both ‘Bank to bKash’ and ‘Card to bKash’
  • Coupons: Agora, Daily Shopping, Meena Bazar, Prince Bazar, Shwapno
  • To get a discount coupon, customers have to pay a minimum of 300 Taka
  • Coupon validity: Must be used within 15 days after receiving the coupon
  • Cashback and coupons will be sent to the customer's account on the following working day of the transaction

Terms and Conditions:

  • Discount coupons will be given to the customer's account on the next working day of the transaction
  • If fraudulent activity is detected in a customer's account, bKash reserves the right to cancel the customer's participation in the campaign.
  • Only those bKash customers with active account status and adequate balance can avail of this offer by transacting from their account.
  • To get the coupon, the customer's account status and the incoming transaction must be active. If coupon delivery fails due to customer account status issues, the customer will no longer receive campaign coupons
  • If cashback and coupon delivery fail for any unknown/unexpected reason other than the issue of customer account status issue, bKash will attempt to re-distribute the coupon once in 2 months after the end of the campaign. If all else fails, no more attempts will be made and the customer will no longer be considered for this offer
  • If the transaction was completed successfully, then the customer will receive the coupon in his bKash account
  • bKash and banks involved reserves the right to change/amend the terms and conditions of the campaign or cancel the entire campaign at any time without prior notice.
  • If a particular transaction or customer's transaction activity raises a reasonable suspicion that the campaign facility has been misused by the customer, bKash reserves the right to cancel the customer's coupon.

* For Add Money through Credit Card, charge may be imposed by any specific bank. Please contact your bank for details.