Agrani Bank Customers can transact through bKash App from anywhere, anytime

Agrani Bank transactions will take place from anywhere, anytime through bKash App

Life will be simpler now for Agrani Bank customers! You can transfer money from an Agrani Bank Account to bKash account or deposit money to an Agrani Bank account from bKash anytime.

Service Feature:

  • A bKash customer will be able to link his/her bKash account with an Agrani Bank Account through this service. Customers can add money from the Bank account as well as transfer money only to the Linked Bank account. However, it is important to note that both bKash account holder and Bank Account holder need to be the same individual.
  • You will need to link the Bank account with the bKash account in order to use this service in the first step. You can go to Add Money or Transfer Money option of bKash App and link the Agrani Bank Account by inserting the necessary info and OTP.
  • To add a Bank Account on the bKash App, the mobile number, National Identity Card number and Date of Birth used in bKash and Bank Account must be the same. Otherwise, please contact the Bank to update your information.


  • The customer’s bKash Account has to be active.
  • Only active Agrani bank accounts are eligible for linked account service. Dormant accounts (No transaction has been initiated in an account for 180 days) will be restricted by the bank from using this service. Bank Account must be active and operational as per Banking rules and regulations.


  • There is no service charge for using the Add Money Service.
  • The customer will be charged ‘1%’ on the transaction amount for using Transfer Money Service.

Transaction Limit:

Agrani Bank:

- Daily Transaction Count: 04

- Amount per Transaction: Maximum BDT 20,000

- Maximum Transaction Amount: No Limit

bKash Limit for Bank & Card Services:

Transaction Type

Maximum Number of Transactions

Amount Per Transaction

Maximum Amount

Per Day

Per Month

Minimum (Tk)

Maximum (Tk)

Per Day (Tk)

Per Month (Tk)

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