Cut the call if anyone asks for your bKash Account PIN or 6 digit Verification Number

Never give out your bKash Account PIN, or any 6-Digit Code received through SMS, to anyone asking to verify or update your bKash Account. Even if they introduce themselves as bKash officials, do not under any circumstances, give away your information. If you receive any such calls, hang up immediately.

The caller might try to deceive you in several ways. For instance, they might say that you:

  • Won the lottery
  • Got a new job
  • Received money on your bKash account by mistake

Do not send your money to an unknown person, believing their lies out of fear and/or greed. If you are unsure, check your bKash account balance or directly call the bKash Helpline at 16247 to clear out all your confusion.

You can also reach out to us regarding such fraudulent occurrences, through the following ways: