Pay your DESCO bill with bKash, anytime from anywhere

bKash has started its journey with a view to make banking activities easy and in the process make life simple. Trailing from this vision, bKash now brings to you ‘Pay Bill’ service. You will not have to suffer to recharge your DESCO Smart Pre-paid Meter or pay your DESCO Postpaid bill anymore. From now onwards, using bKash ‘Pay Bill’ service you can recharge your DESCO Smart Pre-paid Meter and pay your DESCO Postpaid bill anytime and from anywhere.  

Service Details

For bKash users Pay Bill is a new service, by which customers can pay bills of different organizations using their bKash account.

Using  Pay Bill service a bKash customer will receive the following benefits while recharging their DESCO Smart Pre-paid Meter or paying DESCO Postpaid bills:

  • Bill Breakdown: A customer can check the breakdown of the desired recharge amount using bill account number or in other words customer account number
  • Pay Bill: A customer can select bill payment based on his payment requirements and input the required information to pay respective bill; Service charge may apply.
  • Beneficiary: A customer can use add/delete/view beneficiary for different billers which can reduce bill payment steps; thereby saving time

Benefits for Customers:

  • Convenient to recharge smart prepaid meter and pay DESCO postpaid bill whenever the need arises
  • To recharge meter or pay postpaid bill, a customer does not need to be physically present in designated DESCO vendor locations/bill payment booths or banks

How to recharge your DESCO Pre-paid account through bKash App without any charge

You will receive an SMS with a token number after paying the prepaid meter electricity bill. When you enter this token number to your electricity meter, your electricity bill payment will be completed/updated in the meter. However, if you do not receive the token number through the SMS, then go to the message option of your mobile, write your meter number and send it to +8804445616247. You will receive your token number through a return SMS shortly.

How to pay your DESCO (Postpaid) bill with bKash App without any charge


  1. Beneficiary is such a feature which allows bKash customers  to save their important information such as Customer Account Number of DESCO Smart Pre-paid Meter so that the subscribers will not need to remember this information every time meter is recharged
  2. If you fill in 'Beneficiary Name' for this function, it will be easy to identify the subscriber’s 'Customer Account Number' with the name
  3. During ‘Pay Bill’ journey, 'Saved Accounts' option will be considered as 'Beneficiary'
  4. Currently, ten (10) Beneficiaries can be added for every biller

Service Charge:






1% on the invoice amount or Maximum 30 taka

*Service charge will be applicable for bKash App and USSD (*247#) users



Bill Breakdown 


Free until further notice


Transaction Type


Per Transaction Amount


Per Day

Per Month

Minimum (Tk.)

Maximum (Tk.)


Bill Breakdown*






Not Applicable

Pay Bill

Not Applicable


Not Applicable

* bKash customer may request maximum five (5) requests from an account, which applies for all Billers.