You can easily take appointment from your home for bKash Center service, because eAppointment is here!

‘eAppointment’ is an online platform where customers can take appointment to avail different services from the bKash Center.It is an innovative appointment booking system to serve the customers in a faster, simpler and efficient way possible. Key benefits of this platform are:

  • Easy to use
  • Customers’ choice over date and time while applying for appointment
  • No more waiting in queue for long time

Easy to use:

The overall process of using ‘eAppointment’ is very easy and simple. To use this platform, customers need to follow few steps:

  1. Anytime visit
  2. Click the ‘eAppointment’ icon on the left panel of home page
  3. Log-in with bKash account number
  4. Choose preferred date and time from the designated service hours (9am-7pm) and give necessary information
  5. Receive an eToken Code confirming that the appointment is scheduled
  6. Preserve the eToken Code, which can be used while visiting any bKash center

Choice of date and time:

This competitively edged queue catering orientation allows customer preferences by selecting desired timeframe for queue token. While applying, customers can choose the date and time based on their own preference and convenience. Thus, ‘eAppointment’ helps customers to plan their visit on an advanced basis as per the available slots.

No more waiting in queue for long time:

Customers, who have the eToken code generated in the ‘eAppointment’ platform, can directly enter into the on-going Queue without waiting for long. Hence, their waiting time will be reduced and overall customer service experience will be improved.