TV Commercial

In this TVC we see a sweet relationship of a mother and her son. The story starts at 1:00 AM, the night before Shumon’s final exam. Shumon wakes up his mom to borrow her phone to talk to his elder brother for some last minute mathematics problems. Before Shumon could get the solution of his mathematics problem, the phone runs out of mobile balance and the line gets disconnected. His world turns upside down and has no clue how he will get mobile balance this late at night.
Every New Year brings the promise of new hopes, new dreams. We must start a new journey with a smile, forgetting the troubles and weariness of the past. bKash wants to be beside you and bring a smile to your face on this happy journey. Wishing you a happy new year and better days ahead.
On her way back from school, Shiuli is informed by the local bKash Agent that her brother Sumon just sent money for his young wife Aisha through bKash. After reaching home, Shiuli announces the news and demands that her sister-in-law take her to the movies. Aisha is embarrassed by this public declaration. Observing this, Aisha’s father-in-law advises that she open her own bKash Account on her mobile phone so that her money matters remain private.
Rahmat, an elderly village dweller needs to send money urgently to his son Shafiq, who forgot to take money while leaving for the city. Rahmat goes to Iqbal, a nearby bKash Agent in his village. Iqbal explains to Rahmat that bKash gives the ease of sending money from home, at his convenience.
Housewife Nina, needs to buy some urgent groceries but does not have enough cash on her and is also in a hurry. On her walk to a nearby superstore, she calls her husband and asks to send the money to her bKash Account. She shops and happily pays with bKash at the store. Nina likes paying with bKash as it is simple, convenient and she no longer needs to carry cash.
Remitters from UK can now send money to bKash Account in Bangladesh from BRAC Saajan and its partner outlets. The remitter needs to mention bKash as the termination mode and the recipient needs to have a bKash account to receive the money directly in his/her bKash Account.
Sokhina is a garments worker and uses bKash regularly to send money home to her family. She narrates how bKash has made her life so much easier, and how it is transforming the lives of everyone around her too.
Ronnie is a university student who lives on campus away from home. He needs to pay his tuition fee urgently and calls his father to send him the money through bKash.
Milon is a driver who used to receive his salary in cash. Now his employer pays through bKash. Milon is happy because bKash is a better means to keep his money safe as he does not have a bank account.
Sokhina is a garments worker who sends money home regularly to her parents in the village. Hand-to-hand transfer was the only option for her, which was neither convenient nor cost effective.