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Sokhina is a garments worker and uses bKash regularly to send money home to her family. She narrates how bKash has made her life so much easier, and how it is transforming the lives of everyone around her too.
Ronnie is a university student who lives on campus away from home. He needs to pay his tuition fee urgently and calls his father to send him the money through bKash.
Milon is a driver who used to receive his salary in cash. Now his employer pays through bKash. Milon is happy because bKash is a better means to keep his money safe as he does not have a bank account.
Sokhina is a garments worker who sends money home regularly to her parents in the village. Hand-to-hand transfer was the only option for her, which was neither convenient nor cost effective.
Young executive Ishtiaq was travelling on a train. Suddenly he required to send some money to his mother urgently. Even though he had the cash in hand, he didn’t know how to bKash the money to his mother from the train.
A young man in a semi-rural area comes to an Agent to bKash some money to someone through the Agent, but the Agent suggests him to not to send money this way because sending money through Agents are not complaint as per the rules of regulation of bKash and Bangladesh Bank. The young man becomes slightly surprised by the Agent’s suggestion. Agent also asks him to use his own bKash Account.
According to the instructions from the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission, re-register your mobile SIM through Biometric process and receive uninterrupted service of bKash Account. To re-register the SIM, bring your active SIM, NID and one passport size photo at the nearest customer service center of your mobile operator.
After collecting money from a small town counter, Morshed Master returns home completing a long tiring journey with his grandson Hasan. Masons were working then back at home. The head mason wants some money from Morshed. Morshed informs that he went town to collect the money sent by his son from Dubai. Head mason tells master that “If you had a bKash Account, you could have received money sent from abroad sitting right at home. Now I receive money directly into my bKash Account sent by my brother through Western Union.” Morshed becomes astonished after hearing this. His daughter-in-law Runa suggests him to open a bKash Account quickly and Morshed master agrees to this with a smiling face. At last, it is seen that now money sent from abroad can be received directly in bKash Account through Western Union.