bKash launched ‘b.Academy’ to upskill human resources, Week-long ‘Learning Fest’ held

May 29, 2022 Dhaka

bKash, the best employer and the largest MFS provider in the country, has launched ‘b.Academy’ to make its employees more efficient and future-ready through training and other skill development activities. The first phase of this program has been organized through a week-long ‘Learning Fest’. bKash has taken this initiative as part of its relentless efforts to develop human resources as a responsible corporate entity.

Through b.Academy’s ‘Learning Fest’, bKash employees got training on innovation, presentation, project management, communication, data analytics, etc. from trainers who are renowned in home and abroad. In continuation of this program, employees will go through training and other skill development activities to learn many more topics for their career growth. These trainings and skill development scopes will not only enable employees to provide better services to customers, channel partners and stakeholders, but will also help strengthen the ecosystem of the country’s digital financial sector.

In this regard, Ferdous Yusuf, Chief Human Resources Officer of bKash, said, “We believe that bKash has been able to remain ahead of the curve in terms of providing quality services to the customers through talent development initiatives for the employees, ensuring a healthy work environment and enhancing motivational activities. b.Academy will continue to enhance the skills of the employees to maintain that position in the coming days.”

Recently, bKash organized a session titled ‘A Respectful Workplace’ with the goal to reinstate its 5 core values among the employees and create a more engaging workplace. This session made the employees aware of how to constantly work for the empowerment of the customers, how to maintain mutual respect and uphold these values in the workplace and how to take the organization forward by launching innovative services.

Due to its excellent HR practices, bKash has been ranked as the number 1 ‘Employer of Choice’ in 2021 among 53 multinational and local organizations across all sectors for the second year in a row. At the same time, it has been recognized as the ‘Dream Employer’ for the third time in a row. According to the results of the 2021 Campus Track Survey conducted by internationally renowned research organization Nielsen, frequent campus-based engagement, students’ preferences, attractive salary package, positive work environment, skill development opportunities, job security and satisfaction are the parameters that have helped bKash retain its top position. Not only that, bKash remains the country's ‘Best Brand’ for three consecutive years - 2019, 2020 and 2021, through consumer survey conducted by Bangladesh Brand Forum.