bKash users can now Send Money to non-bKash users

July 02, 2020 Dhaka

In order to create more convenience, bKash, the largest MFS provider in the country has enabled its customers to Send Money to anybody who doesn’t have any bKash account. Customers can avail this service from bKash app or USSD code *247#.

The recipient can receive the sent amount after opening a bKash Account within 72 hours. The new user can Cash Out the money as well as avail other bKash services.

If the recipient doesn’t open bKash account within 72 hours and fails to receive the amount, it will be returned to the sender’s bKash account within the next 3 working days.

bKash is offering cashback with the launch of this new service. From 1st July to 30th November, 2020, customers using this service will receive BDT 15 cashback once the send money is successful. They can enjoy cashback up to BDT 500 in a month. This offer will be applicable for both bKash app and USSD. During this offer, customers don’t need to bear any extra charge to Send Money to any non-bKash user.

To Send Money to non-bKash user, customer needs to select the recipient’s phone number from contacts in bKash app or type the number. There will be added information on the screen about the new service. Then customer will have to enter the amount and complete the process with bKash PIN after checking details.

The recipient will receive a text message in phone number with bKash app download link. The recipient can download the app by clicking on the link and open a bKash account from the app within a few minutes with own NID. S/he can also go to any nearby digital registration point of bKash to open the account. Once the account registration is successful, s\he will get the sent money in his/her bKash Account. 

However, the sender can cancel the Send Money request from bKash app any time before the receiver opens bKash account. To do so, user needs to go to Send Money option from bKash app and tap on the cancel button beside the transaction details. The returned amount will be added to sender’s bKash account balance. The cancel option is not available through dialing USSD code *247#. To learn more about the service, customers can visit https://www.bkash.com/bn/send-money-non-bkash.