Center for Zakat Management and bKash joined hands

July 31, 2012 Dhaka, Bangladesh

Center for Zakat Management (CZM) joined hands with bKash to facilitate collection of Zakat from all corners of the country, as a greater number of individuals can be reached through bKash’s extensive payment solution system. A bKash user can send the desired amount of Zakat to the CZM number 01729 296 296 (01729 CZM CZM) by selecting “Payment” option on the bKash Menu on his/her phone. The process is simple and there is no additional fee charged to customers for the transaction with CZM.

CZM is a social enterprise of Rahimafrooz (Bangladesh) Limited, aiming to assist all those in need of financial assistance. The goal of CZM is to promote the obligation of Zakat set by Allah, as an economic tool for bringing prosperity to the needy. In 2011, CZM helped 900 families, 350 students, 2100 children, 6000 patients and many more from Zakat collected.