Entertainment and reward in bKash ‘Bird Game’ Every day, 500 winners can get 200 Taka each

October 18, 2020 Dhaka

bKash has made ‘Bird game’ more exciting in its app where customers can now play the game in two different modes - Practice and Championship. Customers can play in Practice mode anytime and participate in Championship mode from 15th October to 31st October 2020 to avail the chance of winning 200 Taka. Every day, top 500 winners can get the 200 Taka cashback each.

To play the game, customer needs to tap on the bird shaped bKash logo and keep moving forward while collecting points by hitting the stars. User needs to do highest score without losing life to secure the chance of winning in Championship mode.

Once the 3 free lives are finished, users can purchase 1000 lives in both game modes with a payment of 1 Taka only which will be donated to Bidyanondo Foundation. The total amount collected from customers during the championship will be donated to this organization to support their services for humanitarian causes.

Besides doing highest score without losing life, the payment of 1 Taka is mandatory to fulfil the condition to be winner. Each day’s winners’ list is announced next day by 1 pm on the website: ​https://www.bkash.com/game-winners/ and the prize of 200 Taka is sent to winner’s bKash account within 2 working days. However, a customer can win once during the campaign period.

Customers can get the ‘Game’ icon by clicking on 'More' from the main menu of bKash app. The rules of this game are provided inside the game menu of the app.