Ramadan’s essential info now in bKash app’s ‘Romjane Protidin’ Information including iftar-sehri schedule, zakat calculator and bKash offers are available in one place

April 19, 2022 Dhaka

Throughout the holy month of Ramadan, bKash app is providing various essential information and services ranging from schedules of Iftar and Sehri, Zakat Calculator, payment option for donating Zakat to authorized charity organizations, health tips to bKash offers on the occasion of Ramadan and Eid. The country's largest mobile financial services provider, bKash, has enabled its 60 million customers to access this essential information throughout the month of Ramadan in its app.

In the ‘Romjane Protidin’ section of bKash app, customers can get daily Sehri and Iftar schedules and countdowns, essential tips for staying healthy in Ramadan, Zakat Calculator, names of the organizations receiving zakat through bKash and the facility to pay zakat to those approved organizations. Besides, anyone can check the existing Ramadan offers of bKash related to Eid shopping, restaurants, health care, etc. from the banner at the bottom of ‘Romjane Protidin’ section.

With ‘Zakat Calculator’, customers can easily complete the necessary calculations for paying Zakat. At the same time, they can pay Zakat directly to many organizations through the payment gateway of bKash. Currently, customers can donate zakat to these organizations: Center for Zakat Management, Obhizatrik Foundation, Quantum Foundation, Dhaka Ahsania Mission, Bangladesh Thalassemia Foundation, As-Sunnah Foundation, Anjuman Mufidul Islam, Food For All - Khukumoni Foundation, SOS Children’s Villages Bangladesh and MASTUL Foundation.

To pay zakat, customers need to select the desired organization and enter own name, email ID and the amount of zakat, then submit. If they want, they can keep their identity hidden by selecting ‘unwilling to reveal identity’ option. After the process is complete by entering bKash PIN, customers will get the receipt acknowledgement message on the next step. They have the opportunity to know detailed information about the selected organization as well.

To avail all these information and services, customers need to go to ‘Suggestions’ section of bKash app and select ‘Romjane Protidin’ icon. Apart from bKash app, customers can also visit the website: https://ramadan.bkash.com/.

This platform of bKash has bridged the gap between zakat recipient and donor. Through bKash, one can easily give Zakat or make voluntary donations from any part of the country at any time for the welfare of the people in need. Many marginalized people wait year-long to receive zakat, many become self-sufficient by using the money while others start fulfilling a new dream, even some fulfil their basic needs, some secure the future of children. By providing zakat through bKash, anybody can be involved in such noble initiatives to change the lives of many.