Send Money to five bKash ‘Priyo numbers’ without any charge

March 01, 2021 Dhaka

From now on, bKash customers can send money to five favourite (Priyo) bKash numbers without any charge. Through bKash app or dialing USSD code *247#, 50 million bKash users can send money of up to 25,000 Taka every month, free of charge.

People usually say, “bKash kora” instead of “send money”. Hence, bKash has come up with this initiative to further ease the transaction of customers, especially for the marginal people.

Recent analysis on MFS transactions shows that almost 90% of customers ‘Send Money’ to maximum 5 persons and up to 25,000 Taka in a month. Therefore, this initiative will enable most of the users to send money to their near and dear ones for free.

Any customer can add a maximum of five bKash customer accounts as ‘Priyo numbers’ in his/her bKash account in every calendar month. Once added, the Priyo numbers can be changed after each month.

Customers can add Priyo numbers in a few easy steps through bKash app or dialing USSD code *247#. More details about how to add Priyo numbers can be found at the website

However, in case of sending money above 25,000 Taka per month, 5 Taka charge on each transaction will be applicable and for any amount above 50,000 Taka, 10 Taka charge on each transaction will be applicable for customers.

The journey of bKash started with ‘Send Money’ service aiming to release the pain of transferring money to loved ones. Since then, bKash has gained the trust of people by bringing more innovative services with the course of time. At the same time, Send Money has become an essential part of the lives of millions of customers. Through this service, people outside the formal banking channels began to come under financial inclusion, which later paved the way for greater digital financial transactions in the country.