Cash In before vacation starts

In order to use bKash services you must keep sufficient balance in your bKash Account. Through Cash In service you can deposit money in to your bKash Account from any bKash Agent shop. To Cash In follow the steps below.

- Go to any bKash Agent

- Let the Agent know the amount you want to Cash In

- Write down your bKash Account Number and the Cash In amount in the Agent Register

- Pay the amount of money you want to Cash In

- In exchange, the Agent will send balance to your bKash Account. Cash In done!

- You and the Agent will both get a confirmation message from bKash. Remember to sign the Agent Register before leaving the counter

Send Money from your bKash Account without any chargethrouout. Charge for 1st send money of a day is Tk. 5, next ones are FREE.


- Charge for 1st send money of a day is Tk. 5, next ones are FREE.

- Next day the rules will reset and you will be able to enjoy the offer afresh for the day

- Regular daily and monthly transaction limits will be applicable as per Bangladesh bank prescribed limits

- Offer is valid till Eid day

- To enjoy this offer you must have sufficient balance in your full profile bKash Account

- bKash reserves the right to change/modify campaign terms & conditions in any manner or cancel the entire campaign at any time without giving any prior notice

bKash your Ramadan Shopping payment for 59 brands 1132 outlets across the country and get up to 20% instant Cashback


- To enjoy this offer make Payment from your own bKash Account

- You can get Cashback upon making Payment at specified stores of mentioned merchants

Cashback Limit:

 Merchant Category

Transaction Count

Maximum Cashback per Transaction

Maximum Cashback

Lifestyle and Footwear

Not Applicable

Tk. 500 

Tk. 2000

Online Store & Marketplace       


2 times

Tk. 300 

Tk. 600

During the campaign, you can get up to Tk. 2000 Cashback.

- bKash reserves the right to change the offer details or cancel the entire campaign at any time, for any reason without giving any prior notice 

- The offer will be valid till Eid day