"Corona Info" on bKash app for sharing information

April 22, 2020 Dhaka

A number of government agencies including a2i, have taken initiatives to help people inform and prevent the Corona virus through the widely used mobile app like bKash. For this, "Corona Info" icon has been added to the menu of bKash app to make it possible for the common people to participate in the necessary information sharing process using Information Technology.

bKash app users can now get the Corona Info icon on the top menu bar of the app’s home screen. bKash app is now one of the most widely used daily app to the customers due to the availability of the services like electricity bill payment, mobile recharge, send money, add money, online payment from home. As a result, this addition will play a vital role in sharing information with the users and collecting information from them.

Clicking on the Corona Info icon, users will get – ‘Latest Updates’, ‘Hotline Numbers’, ‘Diagnose Corona Virus Risk’, ‘Provide Information of Possible Corona Suspects’ and ‘Subscribe for Volunteering’ options from the sub-menu and by further clicking on any of these, users will get access directly to the website of a2i remaining in the bKash app.

Latest Update

Users will get information from IEDCR about the number of latest infected, home quarantined, and dead people in the Latest Update menu. At the same time, the ways of using mask, easy steps for making sanitizer, coping up with the mental stress of adults and children, basic information and misconceptions about the virus and guidelines by the World Health Organization are available in this section.

Hotline Numbers

Clicking on the hotline number users will get 333, 10655 and 16263 - these three hotline numbers. They can call these numbers to get the services they need.

Diagnose Corona Virus Risk

Users can also verify how much they are at risk of being infected by Corona virus from this menu. They can also check the probability of being infected for themselves or their family members by answering a number of questions such as: whether they have a fever, breathing problem, how old are they or if they had a trip abroad recently.

Provide Information of Possible Corona Suspects

Users will also have the opportunity to inform the concerned authorities from this menu about the potential corona suspects. Doctors will provide information by clicking on the Doctors menu and others on the ‘Conscious Neighbors’ menu. Later, the name of the suspect, father's name, gender, approximate age, date of returning from abroad, information about the country from which he returned, division, district, upazilla along with detailed address and mobile numbers should be filled up.

Subscribe for Volunteering

In this emergency situation, doctors who want to provide services online can get training through Government’s Muktopath website from ‘Be a volunteer’ menu. Those who have already completed training can also register from here to serve online.