Easy bKash account opening for garment workers

April 13, 2020 Dhaka

The government has directed to disburse salary and allowances of the garment workers through mobile banking accounts during the emergency period announced to prevent Covid-19 outbreak.

For implementing government’s directive, bKash is working jointly with the garment companies and their associated banks to open the workers' accounts. Besides, the company is creating awareness through media advertising so that the workers can open accounts from bKash app’s self-registration option while maintaining social distance. At the same time, to keep their accounts secure, the MFS provider is making them aware regarding the privacy of PIN and OTP through advertisement.

In addition, the workers can open accounts at the selected digital e-registration points of bKash, maintaining social distance.

Workers who don’t have NID, can use their birth certificate to open bKash account as per the regulations of Bangladesh Bank. With the database shared by the garments factories, the account opening process is ongoing.

To open an account bKash, workers need to download the app. Then following a few simple steps and scanning the NID and taking pictures of themselves, they can have their account ready.

Workers can open account within a few minutes by taking their NID and phone with the SIM card they want to open bKash account at the nearest digital e-registration point. They can open account without any charge from any corner of the country.

Workers who already have bKash accounts can just notify their organization and avail the opportunity to receive incentive in that account.

According to bKash sources, the process of opening bKash accounts for the RMG workers is ongoing in full pace by ensuring accuracy and safety in coordination with banks, garment factories and workers.

Since 2015, more than 4 lakh workers of around 400 garments factories have been receiving salaries through bKash. The company expects that the previous experience will make the current initiative successful this time also.

bKash is working hard to keep the 1 lakh 70 thousand agent points active across the country in such a crisis so that the workers can cash out anytime they need money. The company is working tirelessly to secure supply of cash and digital money at all agent points despite the challenges of limited banking time, closure of several business points, unavailability of vehicles and so on.

It is to be noted that after receiving salaries through bKash, the workers do not need to pay any cash out charge. bKash and the concerned factory will jointly bear the charges so that the workers get the full amount of their salary.