Internet bill payment of customers ensured through bKash during Covid-19

June 14, 2020 Dhaka

During the Covid-19 situation, bKash has become the largest platform that enables its users to pay internet bills of all leading Internet Service Providers (ISP) and ensure uninterrupted internet connection. bKash users can pay any amount of internet bill 24/7 from anywhere without any extra charge.

In the month of April and May, almost half million internet bills have been paid due to the hassle free bill payment system of bKash.

Customers can pay internet bill of 19 ISPs through Pay Bill option in bKash app. Besides, more than 500 ISP providers’ bill can also be paid through payment gateway (PGW) & offline payment channels.

The 19 Internet Service Providers that are included in bKash app are: Amber IT, Carnival, Link3, DOT Internet, KS Network Ltd, Triangle, Circle Network, Sam Online, Mazeda Network Limited, Antaranga Dot Com Ltd, Millennium Computers & Networking, SS Ali & Co, DDN, Eurotel BD Online Ltd, Desh Communications, Pandora Technologies, Infobd 24 Systems, One Sky Communication and Xplore Net.

However, by dialing USSD code *247#, customers can also pay ISP bill of Link3, AmberIT, Carnival, Sam Online, Triangle, KS Network and Dot Internet.

To pay internet bill, customers need to tap on ‘Pay Bill’ icon from the main menu of bKash app and select the required ISP from ‘Internet’ option. Then after selecting bill month and entering bill account number, the payment process can be completed. Customers can save their bill account in bKash app or USSD channel for future bill payment in fewer steps. They can also view the receipt of the paid bills in the app.