bKash payment at around 7,000 pharmacies across the country

July 08, 2020 Dhaka

During the Covid-19 emergency, customers can make payment through bKash for purchasing medicines and other essentials at around 7 thousand pharmacies across the country. In addition, they will get 5% instant cashback on bKash payment during July and August. Starting on 1st July, the offer will be valid till 31st August, 2020.

Currently bKash payment is available at around 7,000 pharmacies in all 8 divisions across the country. More pharmacies are being brought under this service frequently.

Customers can get cashback by paying with bKash app or dialing USSD code *247#. During the whole campaign period, customers can get Tk 200 maximum. They can get cashback up to Tk 25 daily and avail the offer 5 times in a month. The maximum cashback amount per month will be Tk 100.

Customers can easily make payment by scanning QR code with bKash app. The merchant number can also be saved for future payment in fewer steps.

Customers can easily find out full list and addresses of pharmacies with bKash payment facility along with the cashback offer details on this website - https://www.bkash.com/offers_pharmacy. This list can bring added benefit to customers amid Covid-19 to purchase emergency medicines and essentials. Besides, the contactless payment will help them stay safe during the pandemic.