Customers can win iPhone playing 'Bird Game' in bKash app

July 20, 2020 Dhaka

bKash brings ‘Bird game’ in its app. By playing the game, top 10 customers can win iPhones. This exciting mobile game has been added for the first time to the app of the country's largest mobile financial service provider, which has become a part of lifestyle during Covid-19 pandemic. The opportunity to entertain customers outside of financial transactions will undoubtedly make this widely used app more attractive and popular.

On the occasion of launching the game, 10 iPhone SE will be handed over to the top 10 participants who achieve the highest points by playing 'Bird Game' from 12 pm on July 21, 2020 to 11.59 pm on July 31, 2020.

To play the game, customer needs to tap on the 'bird' shaped bKash logo and keep moving forward while collecting points. To collect more points by avoiding danger, there will be 10 "Free Life" in the first stage of this fun game. If customer loses life in the game, they can buy 10 new lives for 1 taka only. Once purchased, the player needs a minimum break of two minutes to buy life again.

At the end of the campaign, all the money collected from customers to buy life, will be given to the humanitarian organization Bidyanondo as a donation for public welfare.

Customers will get the ‘Game’ icon by clicking on 'More' from the main menu of bKash app or by clicking on the banner in the home screen. Then customer can start playing the game in the next step. A customer will have the opportunity to play the game as many times as s/he wants within the specified time. The points collected after playing once will be recorded. Total points will be calculated after the end of the campaign. Customers will see top ten points and their position in the points list from the app. However, the rules of this game will be given inside the app. Customers can visit, the verified facebook page of  bKash to find detailed terms and conditions of the game.

Launched in 2011, bKash, a joint venture of BRAC Bank, US based Money in Motion, International Finance Corporation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Ant Financial, operates as a payment service provider offering broad range of digital financial services under the regulation of Bangladesh Bank.