Customers can pay Visa and AMEX credit card bills through bKash without any charge

July 12, 2020 Dhaka

Customers can pay Visa and AMEX credit card bills through bKash without any extra charge during the Covid-19 crisis.

bKash has offered 1% instant cashback on paid bill amount of Visa and AMEX credit card throughout July to August. By paying credit card bill of VISA or American Express card through bKash, customers can avail up to Tk 200 as cashback. As a result, a customer can pay credit card bill up to Tk 20,000 without paying any additional charge.

AMEX or Visa credit card bills can easily be paid from any place at any time, avoiding the hassle of standing in long queues at bank. As a result, credit card bill payment within due date is now in the grip of the customers. They can even Add Money from any Visa or MasterCard to their bKash accounts if needed. Currently, customers can Add Money to bKash account from online banking or app of 14 banks.

Concerned authorizes believe that, in addition to keeping the customers safe during Covid-19, the credit card bill payment service through bKash is also playing a significant role in reducing extra pressure at bank counters.

Paying AMEX or Visa Credit Card Bill requires a few simple steps. In the bKash app, users can find the ‘City Bank AMEX Credit Card Bill’ and ‘Visa Credit Card Bill’ options after tapping on ‘Pay Bill’ icon from the main menu and select the desired one. In next steps, customer needs to enter credit card number, bill amount and bKash PIN to complete the process.

Launched in 2011, bKash, a joint venture of BRAC Bank, US based Money in Motion, International Finance Corporation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Ant Financial, operates as a payment service provider offering a broad range of digital financial services under the regulation of Bangladesh Bank.