Opportunity to get 100 Taka bonus by referring bKash app each time

November 23, 2020 Dhaka

Customers can get 100 taka bonus each time by bringing new users in bKash app. The ongoing bKash referral campaign will continue till December 31, 2020 to give customers the opportunity to onboard new users and get bonuses.

How to get bonus

The referral link can be found by tapping on 'Refer a Friend' from bKash menu (bird shaped logo) in bKash app and customer can share this link through SMS, email, messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, emo, etc.

If the person being referred log in to bKash app for the first time, the referrer will get a bonus of 20 Taka. After that, if s/he makes any transaction for the first time from the app, the referrer will get another bonus of 80 Taka. Thus, a successful referral will bring 100 Taka bonus from bKash. There is no limit, so customers can refer as many times as they want within the campaign period.

Bonus for both parties

Anyone who logs in to bKash app first time will also get a bonus of 25 Taka. After that, if s/he does a mobile recharge of 25 Taka for the first time, s/he will get 50 Taka cashback.

In the referral dashboard of the bKash menu, the referrer can see the status of referrals where the number of successful referrals is updated in every 24 hours and the total earned amount from successful log in is updated in every 48 hours. The referral offer does not apply to the iOS version of bKash app.

New services are constantly being added to bKash app. Referral campaigns are launched to encourage customers to use bKash. Earlier, from August 17 to September 30, 2020, thousands of customers had created additional earning opportunity by taking part in referral campaign. They have referred bKash app by taking some time out of their daily work schedule.

Customer experience-1

Fahim Ahmed Farid, a college student from Sherpur has earned more than 35,000 Taka by successfully referring bKash app to about 900 people utilizing his leisure hours besides study time. He has decided to buy a laptop with that money which will help in his study. Fahim said, “I always use the services like send money, cash out, mobile recharge, online payment for ecommerce, etc. of bKash app. This app comes in handy for me. Hence, I have referred it to others so that they also get the benefits.”

Customer experience-2

Md. Kawsar, a second year student of Gournandi Government College, Barisal is a freelancer besides his study. He has shared the referral link with his family and friends after knowing about the referral campaign from the Facebook page of bKash. Kawsar has won more than 25,000 Taka by making more than 700 successful referrals. He regularly uses various services of bKash app. Kawsar said that besides mobile recharge, send money, etc., the Add Money service from card to bKash is very useful to him.

Customer experience-3

Fojlul Karim, a student of Bogra Azizul Haque College, has earned more than Tk 10,000 in a month and a half. The money served an urgent need of his family. He said, “I utilized the lockdown period by referring bKash app. I have been using bKash app for a long time. In addition to paying the utility bills of our house, I make payment of online shopping and also pay the admission fees of my brothers and sisters through bKash. Now I do not have to go out for mobile recharge as well, which I can do with bKash app anytime from home. bKash has become a part of my daily life.”

Any customer can earn by referring bKash app like Fahim, Kawsar or Fojlul. For more details of the referral campaign, one can visit the website: https://www.bkash.com/100taka-referral.