All WASA bills across the country can be paid through bKash

January 28, 2021 Dhaka

From now on, all WASA bills across the country can be paid through bKash. All customers of Dhaka Chittagong, Rajshahi, Khulna WASA and Sylhet City Corporation will now be able to ensure receiving uninterrupted service by paying their water bills 24/7 from anywhere.

This service has made bill payment of all WASA and Sylhet City Corporation across the country easy, time and cost saving, secure and hassle free.

Water bill (WASA) can be paid in a few easy steps by using bKash app or dialing USSD code *247#. Customers need to bear the applicable charge for bill payment. They can even know the amount of the bill in the same way, but without any cost.

If customers want, they can save the bill account information in their bKash app. As a result, they do not need to enter the account credentials every time they pay the bill.

After paying the bill, customer will also get an eco-friendly digital receipt having logo of both bKash and the distribution company along with notification in bKash app. The receipt can be saved for future needs.

Customers will be able to learn how to pay the bill step by step through video after selecting the specific service provider in bKash app. More information can be found at the website:

In traditional way of paying bills through bank branch or service provider, customers often face various troubles including time delay, travel cost, inconvenience of standing in long queues, hassle of carrying change, limitation of working hours, etc. Many bill payers tend to save the time by sending a house assistant or someone else which incurs extra cost. Hence, many customers pay their water bills with fines or face disconnection for failing to pay bills on time. On the other hand, paying water bill through bKash at any time while sitting at home will create an opportunity to remain safer especially during this pandemic.

However, bKash customers can pay prepaid and postpaid electricity bills of all electricity distribution companies across the country. There is also the opportunity to pay the bills of gas, telephone, internet, DTH, city corporation tax, credit card, insurance premiums and various fees of educational institutions through bKash.