More than 1 million Covid-affected families will receive Prime Minister’s cash aid through bKash this time

April 21, 2021 Dhaka

This time, bKash will distribute the cash aid of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to 1 million and 50 thousand distressed families affected by COVID-19. In a unique initiative of the Prime Minister to stand by the bereaved families who have lost their livelihood, financial aid of 2500 Taka will be provided to each family before the Eid festival. Once again, the money is being disbursed digitally with transparency, swiftness and security to the real victims through verification of NID cards.

Through MFS, the cash aid of 2500 Taka is going to be distributed to 3.4 million affected families.

10 lakh 50 thousand distressed families will receive this cash aid through bKash before Eid. During the month of Ramadan and the Eid festival, this money will bring relief to those families and help greatly in case of emergency.

The beneficiary will not need to bear any charge to Cash Out the money. The government will pay 15 Taka from the total Cash Out charge, while the remaining 31.25 Taka will be borne by bKash. Being involved in this great initiative, bKash has taken all arrangements to enable the family members to Cash Out the money without any hassle.

With the far-sighted decision of the government, it is becoming possible to disburse financial aid conveniently among the distressed families amid such critical situation. This is a significant step towards building Digital Bangladesh. Last year also, bKash successfully distributed the cash aid of the Prime Minister to nearly 1 million families.