Up to 500 Taka Cashback on Card to bKash ‘Add Money’

April 24, 2021 Dhaka

Customers can Add Money from their debit card of Visa and Mastercard to bKash account 24/7 without any cost. For more convenience in the pandemic, bKash has brought three cashback offers from 50 to 500 Taka on ‘Add Money’ from both debit and credit cards of Visa and Mastercard.

Upon doing ‘Add Money’ of 1000 Taka or more from Visa or Mastercard to own or other bKash account for the first time through bKash app, customer can get 100 Taka cashback. The offer is valid till 17th May, 2021. A customer can receive the cashback only once during the campaign. Cashback amount will be sent to the customer's account on the next 2-3 working days of the transaction. Customers can find the details of the offer on the website: https://www.bkash.com/add-money-new-user.

Customers who have added money from Visa or Mastercard to bKash account through bKash app in 2020, but did not avail the service from 1st January to 12th April 2021, can avail 100 Taka cashback upon doing ‘Add Money’ of 1000 Taka or more from Visa or Mastercard through bKash app. This offer will be valid till 17th May 2021. A customer can avail the offer only once during the campaign and the cashback amount will be sent to the customer's account on the next working day of the transaction. More details can be found on the website: https://www.bkash.com/add-money-100tk-cashback.

In addition, customers can avail 50 Taka instant cashback up to 500 Taka, upon doing ‘Add Money’ of 4500 Taka from Visa or Mastercard through bKash app. Customer gets 50 Taka cashback each time after doing 4,500 Taka Add Money, which means he/she can get cashback up to 500 Taka in 10 times. This offer will continue till 17th May 2021. For details, customers can visit the website: https://www.bkash.com/add-money-500tk-cashback.

Cashback under all these offers will be available on the bKash account to which the 'Add Money' has been done. In case of Add Money from credit card to bKash, charges might be applicable by certain banks. Customer can contact the bank for details.

During this pandemic, the facility of instant fund transfer through Add Money service has enabled customers to enjoy convenient bKash services like Send Money, Mobile Recharge, utility bill payment, offline/online merchant payment, donation to humanitarian organizations, payment of fees of educational institutions, payment of various online registration fees, etc. In addition, they can Cash Out the money in emergency from 240,000 agent points spread across the country by maintaining health hygiene.