Underprivileged people are receiving donations including Zakat through bKash

May 08, 2021 Dhaka

Eid, the biggest religious festival of Muslims, brings the opportunity for the well-off to stand by the underprivileged people through donations including Zakat and Fitra. Over the past few years, many people have been providing financial aid to various charity organizations and individuals through bKash especially during the Eid festival.

Last year, bKash added 'Donation' icon to its app to make the donation process easier and more systematic. This initiative has enhanced the capacity of the charity organizations to collect donations and enabled the customers to donate more conveniently while sitting at home amid this pandemic.

Since then, 7 lakh customers have donated worth 200 million Taka approximately to 50 organizations till now.

bKash has become a partner to many charity organizations by providing a platform to collect donations for the disadvantaged people. In this context, Kishore Kumar Das, Founder and Chairman of the renowned Bidyanondo Foundation said, “We have continued our efforts to stand by the people with the small yet meaningful participation of all segments of the society. bKash has made it easier for our millions of well-wishers to stand by us and donate. Technology as the likes of bKash gives us more courage to take this movement forward. We hope for the continued cooperation of all.”

At present, bKash users can donate to many organizations such as: Anjuman Mufidul Islam, Bangladesh Thalassemia Foundation, BRAC, Center for Zakat Management, Dhaka Ahsania Mission, Ek Takay Ahar, Esho Sabai, Bagladesh Liberation War Museum, Mastul Foundation, Mojar School, National Liver Foundation of Bangladesh, Obhizatrik Foundation, Quantum Foundation, Sajida Foundation and Shakti Foundation for Disadvantaged Women-Donation.

To donate, customers need to select 'Donation' from 'More' icon in the bKash app. Then the preferred organization is to be selected. The amount of donation has to be entered in the next step with donor’s name and email ID. If the customers want, they can also keep their identity hidden by selecting ‘unwilling to reveal identity’ option. After tapping on ‘submit’ and entering PIN number, the donation process will be completed. In the last screen, customers can see the receipt acknowledgement message.

Customers will get the opportunity to know detailed information about the organization in the next screen after selecting it. Donors can also contact the email shown in that screen if they are interested to know more about the expenditure of the donation.

bKash donation platform has bridged the gap between recipient and donor. Through bKash, one can easily give Zakat/Fitra or make voluntary donations from any part of the country at any time for the welfare of the people in need.

Many marginalized people wait year-long to receive zakat, many become self-sufficient by using the money while others dream to build new home, fulfil basic needs or secure the future of children. By providing zakat through bKash, anybody can be involved in such great initiative to change the lives of many and change the society as well.