bKash, encouraging upcoming artists through Dhaka Sessions

June 09, 2021 Dhaka

Dhaka Sessions powered by bKash’ has brought flamboyance to the 2nd season of the show which already has set a new trend of presenting live music in Tiny Desk Concert style in the city. Dhaka Sessions, a YouTube channel platform that features artists, musicians, writers, and performers of Bangladeshi origin is promoting known and hidden talents through this program. bKash’s affiliation this time has brought new spirit and diversity to the show ensuring much bigger platform to the artists and audience.

Season 2 of Dhaka Sessions has already featured some of the emerging as well as renowned artists/bands like Dukhi Majeda, Baul Shamsu, The Seesaw Quartet, Labik Kamal Gourob and the band, Armeen Musa, Arbovirus and many more artists will be appearing on the platform.

During pandemic, Dhaka Sessions has created the opportunity not only for the artists to hit on the floor but also the viewers to be entertained with their mesmerizing performances. Book Worm, a popular hub of book lovers, has extended their support by hosting the event at their premise.

In season 2, the folk music performance titled ‘Dukhi Majeda feat. Baul Shamsu’ ignited much enthusiasm and appraisal among the viewers in social media. Street singer Majeda’s story and songs are full of emotion, philosophy, joy, sorrow and devotion which connects the listeners deeply. She said, “After completing my daily work, I would practice and perform music with my Ustad. With the outbreak of coronavirus last year, I lost my job. Now I am a full-time singer." Artists like Majeda is the reason behind Dhaka Sessions’ inspiration to run the show. Majeda’s teacher Baul Shamsu said, “We are grateful to the organizers and very happy to perform live in the program arranged by Dhaka Sessions.”

All the episodes can be watched on the official YouTube channel and facebook page of Dhaka Sessions (YouTube- https://www.youtube.com/dhakasessions, facebook- https://facebook.com/DhakaSessions/) and facebook page of bKash (https://www.facebook.com/bkashlimited). Besides, anyone can contact with Dhaka Sessions to feature any talented artist around his/her surrounding and send the details at dhakasessions@gmail.com.