bKash initiates to improve agents’ professional skills and living standard

October 28, 2021 Dhaka

bKash has taken initiatives to enhance professional skills of the agents through organizing workshops, teaching them to abide by the MFS related regulations and improve their living standards by introducing life insurance, health insurance and stipend for children.

Since the inception of bKash, its agents have been playing a pivotal role in moving the MFS sector forward for the last 10 years. The agents are known as ‘Human ATMs’ as they facilitate financial services to the customers in every corner of the country. Besides providing services, they have been able to improve their living standard as well.

Recently, bKash has organized workshops with the Star agents selected from all over the country to train them on risk management and professional skill development in the financial sector. The workshops have been arranged in district cities across the country to raise awareness about the technical capabilities of agents, Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (AML&CFT), business risks and other relevant issues.

Besides, bKash has also taken several initiatives to improve the living standards of the agents.

Insurance benefits:

Since October this year, bKash has introduced life insurance and health insurance coverage for Star agents. Under the life insurance facility, the agents will get natural death insurance and accident insurance coverage.

There is also health insurance coverage for an agent himself/herself, spouse and two children under the age of 18.

Specialist doctor's consultancy free for agents:

bKash has added a free of cost, 24-hour specialist doctor's consultation facility to protect the wellbeing of agents. bKash agents can take this telemedicine service by calling a certain number.

Education stipend for children:

bKash has introduced stipends for SSC, HSC or undergraduate students for the children of the Star agents.

It is noteworthy that the agents have played a significant role in ensuring MFS services under the emergency situations of COVID-19.

Commenting on the initiative, Ali Ahmmed, Chief Commercial Officer of bKash, said, “Together, bKash and its agents have been working relentlessly for last ten years to take the MFS sector of Bangladesh to a new height where it stands today. From the very beginning, bKash has helped the agents to build sustainable business through training, taking risk management measures and ensuring security. bKash agents are seamlessly delivering services to the customers in every corner of the country.”