Seamless Add Money service from Meghna Bank to bKash launched

March 29, 2022 Dhaka

Customers of Meghna Bank will now be able to transfer funds from their bank account to any bKash account from anywhere in the country 24/7 using their mobile banking app ‘i-Banking’ or internet banking without any cost.

Recently, the fourth generation Bank, Meghna Bank Limited got integrated with the country's largest mobile financial service provider bKash in its Add Money service. IT Consultants Ltd. (ITCL) is providing technological support to Meghna Bank in this integration.

To Add Money to bKash, customer who is registered to internet banking with a Meghna Bank account needs to add his/her own or relative's bKash account as a beneficiary using the bank's website or ‘i-banking’ app. Once added, customer can avail the Add Money service immediately.

In order to Add Money to bKash account from Meghna Bank through internet banking, customer has to log in from bank's website. After selecting ‘Fund Transfer’, ‘Transfer to bKash’, Source Account, Beneficiary etc. step by step, he/she needs to type the amount and ‘remarks’ and click on ‘Submit’ button. In next step, the desired fund will be transferred upon entering the One Time Password (OTP) received through e-mail or SMS.

Likewise, customers can Add Money via the ‘i-Banking’ app. They can even use the ‘i-Banking’ app from their bKash app. For that, they need to go to the ‘Add Money’ option in bKash app, select ‘Bank to bKash’ button, then tap on the Meghna Bank logo from the ‘Internet Banking’ option. If a customer wants, he/she can get Meghna Bank’s app link and download straight from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Internet banking or app - in both ways, customer will receive SMS notification once the transaction is successful. The Add Money limit provided by Bangladesh Bank will be applied for transferring fund from Meghna Bank to bKash.

Founded in 2013, Meghna Bank now provides uninterrupted banking services to about 90,000 customers with 47 branches and 12 agent banking outlets. The bank has 17 ATM booths and customers can withdraw money from any other bank’s booth without any cost. With the addition of Meghna Bank to bKash Add Money service, now the scope of transferring funds from 33 commercial banks to 60 million bKash accounts is further expanded. After instant money transfer from bank to bKash, customers can easily avail a wide range of services including send money, mobile recharge, utility bill payment, offline/online merchant payment, donation to various institutions, fee payment of educational institutions, purchase of bus-train-air-launch and movie tickets, payment of various online registration fees, cash out, etc. This has made customers’ financial transactions more secure, convenient and hassle-free.