Donate through bKash to help flood affected people

June 19, 2022 Dhaka

Many organizations including BRAC, Bidyanondo Foundation, Obhizatrik Foundation, As-Sunnah Foundation and Sajida Foundation have taken various initiatives to help the people severely affected by the recent floods in different areas including Sunamganj and Sylhet. Besides, innumerable people of the country have also stood by the flood victims through various voluntary organizations with their donations. It is now possible to donate more easily through bKash app and take part in the humanitarian initiative.

To donate, customers need to select ‘Donation’ icon from ‘More Services’ section in the bKash app. Then the preferred organization is to be selected. The amount of donation has to be entered in the next step with donor’s name and email id. If the customers want, they can also keep their identity hidden by selecting ‘unwilling to reveal identity’ option. After pressing ‘submit’ and entering PIN number, the donation process is completed. In the last screen, customers can see the acknowledgement. Customers can get the opportunity to know detailed information about the organization in the next screen after selecting it.

Amid this ongoing crisis, the voluntary organizations will use the donations received through bKash to provide necessary aid to the flood victims.

The ‘Donation’ icon was added to bKash app in 2020 to make it easier and more organized for customers to make donations through bKash. By being an integral part of donation collection for the disadvantaged people, bKash has become a helping hand of the charity organizations. bKash’s donation platform has therefore bridged the gap between recipient and donor.