30 freelancers receiving highest payment in bKash through Payoneer win smartphones

July 26, 2022 Dhaka

To encourage the freelancers to bring remittance instantly from all over the world to their bKash account through Payoneer, bKash organized a campaign to let them win a smartphone every day during Ramadan. A total of 30 freelancers won a smartphone each by bringing the highest payment to their bKash account on a single day. Recently, the prizes were handed over to the winners at the head office of bKash.

Sayed Jilany, Vice President of Remittance Partnership Management department of bKash’s Commercial division handed over the prizes to the winners. Other high officials from bKash and Payoneer were also present at the event.

bKash organized this campaign to bring more dynamism to the booming freelancing sector and encourage receiving easy and hassle-free remittances through legal channel. The time and cost-effective remittance receiving service of bKash has also facilitated freelancers to focus more on their work avoiding the hassle of waiting in long queues at the counters for withdrawing their payment.

bKash customers can easily register to a new Payoneer account, or link their existing account from the ‘Remittance’ icon of the bKash app. Once linked, freelancers can instantly bring their remittance to their bKash accounts and use the received money for any purpose including ‘Send Money’, ‘Pay Bill’, online/offline ‘Payment’, ‘Cash Out’, etc.