Customers can keep track of expenses along with paying utility bills through bKash

August 25, 2022 Dhaka

In addition to the payment for the highest number of utility bills across the country, ‘My Usage’/‘Pay Bill History’ icon has been added to bKash app to let customers see detailed overview of the paid bills in different categories. As a result, they can view details of bill expenses and usage pattern and leverage better financial management.

From ‘Pay Bill History’, a customer can view total expense of previous bills, percentage of usage and monthly cost of specific services. Comparisons with previous bill expense and average expense are also available there as calculations are shown with graphs and figures. As a result, it will help customers know about the bill expenses and how much budget they need to keep for future utility bill payment alongside their monthly expenses.

Customers can check history of all bill payments of last 24 months from ‘My Usage’ (Pay Bill History) option of bKash app. They can check the bill history using different filters such as current month, last month, last 3 months, last 6 months, last 12 months and last 24 months.

Currently, customers can pay almost all types of utility bills including electricity, gas, water, internet, telephone, TV and other fees like education, credit card and government fees. More organizations are being added regularly to the list.

To pay bills, a customer needs to tap on ‘Pay Bill’ icon of bKash app and select organization/biller. Then, the customer needs to enter account/meter number, contact number, bill period, etc. and bKash PIN to complete the payment. They can download environment-friendly digital receipts from bKash app for record-keeping and save bill account information to make future bill payments easier. Besides, postpaid customers of different utility services are also getting notifications of their due bills from the ‘Pay Bill’ icon of the app.

New and innovative services and features are being added to bKash app constantly to make it a full-fledged lifestyle app. As a result, bKash has become a member of every family of the country.