From Agent

If you have sufficient balance in your bKash Account, you can withdraw cash anytime from any bKash Agent. To Cash Out from your bKash Account:

Cashout Offer

01. Go to any bKash Agent
02. Let the Agent know the amount you want to Cash Out (If the amount is 5,000 or higher, you have to mention your National ID Card number)
03. Write down your bKash Account Number and the amount in the Agent Register 
04. Dial *247# on your mobile for the bKash Mobile Menu
05. Choose “Cash Out”
06. Choose “From Agent”
07. Enter Agent’s bKash Account Number (ask the Agent)
08. Enter the amount
09. Enter your bKash Mobile Menu PIN

Done! You and the Agent will both receive a confirmation message. Count the amount the Agent gives you to make sure it is correct and sign the Agent Register before leaving the counter.