Bangladeshis living abroad can send their remittance in the easiest and most convenient way to the nominated registered bKash Account Holders in Bangladesh through enlisted Bank and Exchange Houses.

To send International Remittance from abroad to a bKash Account in Bangladesh, please do the followings:

  • Go to a participating enlisted Exchange House/Bank branch.
  • Let the enlisted Exchange House/Bank branch Agent know that you want to send remittance to Bangladesh through bKash.
  • Fill out the bKash related information correctly on the Remittance Request Form available at the enlisted Exchange House/Bank branch.
  • The enlisted Exchange House/Bank branch Agent will help you to complete the process.

While sending remittance from abroad the Exchange House and Bank Agent must ensure the followings:

  • Recipient’s number is a registered bKash Account and belongs to one of the mobile operators who is partnered with bKash. Currently Robi, Grameenphone, Banglalink and Airtel i.e. 018, 017, 019 or 016, have partnership with bKash.
  • Recipient’s bKash Account number is correct.
  • The number has been written clearly and accurately.
  • The BDT Value of remittance does not exceed transaction limits. *

List of enlisted Exchange House/Bank branches and respective countries from where you can send Remittance to Bangladesh:

  •  UK

            - BRAC Saajan Exchange
            - Southeast Financial Services (UK) Ltd.

  •  South Africa

              - Hello Paisa

Note: To find the enlisted Exchange House/Bank branches nearest to you, please click on the name of the respective participating Exchange Houses/Banks above

Receipt of International Remittance on nominated bKash Account in Bangladesh :


  • The foreign remittance transacted by enlisted Exchange House/Bank would be received through following registered Banks in Bangladesh and the remittance would be sent to your nominated bKash Account :

                 - BRAC Bank Limited

                - Southeast Bank Limited


  • When the remittance reaches the nominated bKash Account through either of the nominated Banks in Bangladesh, the recipient will receive a confirmation message on the mobile phone.
  • No charge is applicable to receive International Remittance on bKash Account. You have to pay bKash standard Cash Out Charge only when you need to withdraw money from bKash Agent or BRAC Bank ATM.


Applicable Transaction Limits for sending/receiving International Remittance through bKash:

Transaction Type

Per Transaction Amounts

Maximum Transaction Amounts

International Remittance



Per Day

Per Month

BDT 50

BDT 150,000

BDT 150,000

BDT 150,000

* A bKash Customer can keep a maximum amount of Tk. 150,000 in his/her bKash Account at any moment. For example, if he/she has Tk. 50,000 in his/her Account, you can send him/her a maximum amount of Tk. 100,000 in Bangladeshi currency at that specific Account.

* bKash does not have any agent shop or booth outside of Bangladesh. Remit your money legally in bKash Account through Western Union, BRAC Saajan Exchange and the listed and authorized exchange house of BRAC Bank.