Receive money from abroad sent through Western Union supported by BRAC Bank in your bKash Account and get up to 1200 Tk bonus


Receive Remittance in your bKash Account from abroad sent through Western Union with the help of secured network of MasterCard supported by BRAC Bank to get up to 1200 TK Bonus. While sending money, sender has to fill out the receiver’s bKash Account Name (First Name & Last Name) properly in the form at Western Union location, so that receiver can receive the money successfully. To know receivers bKash Account Name, please call at 16247.


Campaign details:

  • You will get 12% bonus on the received remittance amount in your bKash Account sent through Western Union
  • After receiving remittance successfully in your active bKash Account, you will get bonus amount instantly in the same account
  • You can get maximum Tk 1200 bonus in a bKash Account during the campaign. However, there will be no limit on Western Union remittance received count
  • In case the bonus disbursement fails due to technical or bKash related problem, your account status issue, bKash will retry to give you bonus once on the 9th calendar day (September 19, 2017) after the campaign ends. If this attempt fails, no other attempt will be made and you will no longer be entitled for the bonus amount of this particular campaign. You will be duly notified.
  • bKash reserves the right to change/modify campaign terms & conditions in any manner or cancel the entire campaign at any time without giving any prior notice
  • bKash reserves the right to cancel bonus payout if the particular transaction and/or the customer transaction behavior raises reasonable suspicion that the customer has abused the benefit ofthis offer.
  • This Offer is valid from August 1 to September 10, 2017