Start your Savings with IDLC Finance Limited through bKash App and grow your money safely!

Under IDLC savings scheme, the monthly deposit will be automatically deducted from your bKash Account and you will get the total maturity amount (including interest) in your bKash Account at maturity. And you can also Cash Out the matured amount without any cost!

Details of the savings scheme of IDLC Finance Limited

  • Deposit Amount: Tk. 500 / 1,000 / 2,000 / 3,000 per month
  • Term of Savings Scheme: 2/3/4 years
  • The current annual interest rate of the Savings scheme will be determined by IDLC Finance Limited
  • As per prevailing laws of the land, AIT and Excise duty will be applied

See the video to learn how to open a Savings Scheme from the bKash App

  •  Tap on Savings from bKash App home screen
  •  Tap Open New Savings from the Savings Dashboard
  •   If you have an e-TIN, please provide its information
  •   Select Term (2/3/4 yrs), Deposit Frequency (monthly) and tap Proceed
  •   Select Deposit Amount (Tk 500/1000/2000/3000) and tap Proceed
  •   Select a scheme of the Financial Institutions and see the total deposit amount
  •   Enter Nominee-related information and tap Proceed
  •   Select Savings purpose and tap Confirm
  •   After reviewing Savings Summary, tap Confirm
  •  Tap Accept after reviewing Scheme Terms & Conditions
  •  Enter your PIN on the PIN Screen
  •  Tap and hold to start Savings
  •  You will get a confirmation from both IDLC and bKash on the next screen if the request submission is successful
  •   Now you have successfully opened your savings scheme digitally. Keep a sufficient balance in your bKash Account on the specific date of every month and Cash Out the total amount with profit at maturity without any charge!

You must know the following issues related to the savings scheme

  • You can open multiple savings schemes from your bKash App
  • You can change the nominee information if needed
  • There is no hidden/additional charge for the Savings scheme from bKash / IDLC Finance Limited.
  • If you provide your eTIN information to the savings scheme, you will be deducted less tax at source on interest earned/to be earned. If you don’t have eTIN, please check the NBR website to register for eTIN:
  • Upon completing a savings scheme to maturity and having the savings maturity amount disbursed into the bKash user’s account, if the bKash user fully or partially cashes out the savings maturity amount the corresponding cash out fee borne by the user will be offset by bKash.
  • According to Bangladesh Bank regulation, it’s not possible to cancel a savings scheme with IDLC Finance Limited before the completion of 3 months. However, you can request for early encashment any time after completing 3 months
  • bKash shall not be responsible if anyone using your PIN, Verification Code and other information fraudulently cancels the savings facility through this platform.
  • If you want to close your savings scheme before the maturity date, you may not receive the full interest as per your chosen savings scheme. For more information, related to forgone interest income and other charges (if any) please see the Savings Scheme Provider’s/ Financial Institution’s T&C.  
  • If you do not have sufficient funds in your bKash Account or your account is not in active status at the time of attempted debit transaction, the transaction will fail and bKash will retry to debit your account on the following two consecutive days. If the debit transaction fails due to insufficient balance or account status, you may not be entitled to potential interest earnings from the Savings Scheme Provider/ Financial Institution for that specific day. If the debit transaction fails at the last attempt it will be considered as a missed instalment and you will not be entitled to potential interest earnings from the Savings Scheme Provider/ Financial Institution related to the relevant deposit amount.
  • The interest rate on the savings shall be determined solely by the Savings Scheme Provider/ Financial Institution.
  • bKash reserves the right to change or amend any of the terms & conditions mentioned above at any time without prior notice to bKash Customer.