Send Money to Non-bKash User

Great news! Now you can Send Money to any non-bKash user (who doesn’t have any bKash Account). The recipient can receive the sent amount once s/he opens a bKash Account within 72 hours.

You can avail this service from bKash App or by dialing *247#.

How to Send Money to Non-bKash User from bKash App

  • Go to Send Money from bKash App
  • Select the recipient’s phone number from contacts or type the number
  • Type the amount and proceed
  • Check details and complete Send Money by entering your bKash PIN 
  • The recipient will receive a text message in her/his phone number with bKash App download link
  • The recipient has to download the App and open a bKash Account from the App
  • Once the Account registration is successful, s\he will get the sent money in her/his bKash Account.  

You can cancel the Send Money request before the receiver opens his/her bKash Account. Simply go to Send Money option from bKash App and tap on the cancel button beside the transaction details. The returned amount will be added to your bKash Account balance. 

Service Disclaimer

• If the intended recipient is not a bKash user, he/she requires to open a bKash Account from the bKash App or bKash digital registration point in order to receive the money.

• The sender can cancel the request from the sender’s bKash App any time before the intended recipient opens his/her bKash Account.

• If the intended recipient doesn’t open bKash Account within 72 hours and fails to receive the amount, it will be returned to the sender’s bKash Account within the next 3 working days.

• The sender and intended recipient both will get SMS notifications.

• A recipient can receive only one Send Money request at a time prior to opening his/her own bKash Account.