100 taka instant bonus on Add Money upto 500 taka or more from Sonali Bank Account!

Sonali Bank customers can now easily add their account to the bKash app, add money to bKash anytime from anywhere, and get an instant 100 taka bonus on Add Money upto 500 taka or more from Sonali bank Account!


Customers need to do Add Money of 500 Taka or more with the bKash app tol receive a 100 taka instant bonus.

Offer Valid Till: 7th April, 2021

Offer Details:

  • Customers have to add 500 Taka or more to avail of this offer
  • A customer will receive a one-time discount bonus during the offer

Terms and Conditions:

  • Customer will receive instant bonus
  • If fraudulent activity is detected in a customer's account, bKash reserves the right to cancel the customer's participation in the campaign.
  • Only those bKash customers with active account status and adequate balance can avail of this offer by transacting from their account.
  • To get the bonus, the customer's account status and the incoming transaction must be active. If bonus delivery fails due to customer account status issues, the customer will no longer receive campaign bonus
  • If bonus delivery fails for any unknown/unexpected reason other than the issue of customer account status issue, bKash will attempt to re-distribute the bonus once in 2 months after the end of the campaign. If all else fails, no more attempts will be made and the customer will no longer be considered for this offer
  • If the transaction was completed successfully, then the customer will receive the bonus in his/her bKash account
  • bKash and banks involved reserves the right to change/amend the terms and conditions of the campaign or cancel the entire campaign at any time without prior notice.
  • If a particular transaction or customer's transaction activity raises a reasonable suspicion that the campaign facility has been misused by the customer, bKash reserves the right to cancel the customer's bonus.

Service Details:

  • To use this service, any bKash customer will be able to add (link) his/her bKash account with a Sonali Bank Account.
  • The customer then can add money from the bank account as well as transfer money from bKash only to the added bank account. However, please note that both the bKash account holder and bank account holder need to be the same individual.
  • The customer needs to provide NID, date of birth, bank account number, the bank registered mobile number, and bKash Account number to be able to use this service.
  • If any discrepancy is found in any of the information provided, the customer will be requested to update his bank account information and the bKash account information will also be verified. If there is a discrepancy in the information, the customer can go to the relevant branch of the bank and update his account information.
  • If all mandatory information matches, the addition of the account will be completed within 24 hours after fulfilling the bank’s internal process. Once this is achieved, the customer will be notified with an SMS from the bank.
  • A customer can add (link) more than one Sonali Bank account to his/her bKash account.


  • bKash Account with active status.
  • Active bank accounts are eligible for the added account service. Dormant accounts (No transaction has been initiated in an account for 180 days) will be restricted by the bank.
  • bKash Customers will be able to perform 'Transfer Money’ and ‘Add Money’ from Bank Account transactions.

Payment Channel:

The transaction will be applicable in Bangladeshi Taka only


  • No service charge required for ‘Add Money’.

Transaction Limit:

Transaction Type

Maximum Transaction Amount

Amount Per Transaction (in Taka)

Maximum Amount (in Taka)

bKash to Bank

Per day

Per month











Bank to bKash





5000 (per added account)