Make Uber ride payments with bKash!


Add bKash on Uber Now: Tap/Click!

Offer Duration:

Offer is valid till 31 March, 2022

Discount Offer:

  • Offer is valid for 2 Car/Moto rides
  • Per-ride cashback limit is 50 Taka
  • Total cashback limit is 100 taka

Offer Details:

  • Customer needs to add bKash on Uber app to get the offer
  • Discount will be eligible for payment using Uber App only where the bKash account is added
  • Discount will be given to respective customer(rider) account instantly from Uber’s end
  • bKash customer with active account status and sufficient balance can enjoy the offer by making payment from his/her bKash account
  • In order to receive the discount, account status and incoming transaction of customer account must be active
  • Customer is entitled to the discount for successful transaction from his/her bKash account
  • bKash and Uber reserves the right to change/modify campaign terms & conditions or cancel the entire campaign at any time without giving any prior notice
  • bKash is neither liable nor responsible for Uber's inability to ensure the service, since bKash is only providing a payment service to the customer. If there is any dispute, customer is requested to contact Uber for any sort of settlement


How to Add bKash on Uber App:

How to make payment:

If bKash account is already added, customer needs to ensure that bKash is set as the default payment method. After the ride is confirmed, payment will be automatically done.