Instead of sending money through an Agent, send it securely from your own bKash Account by following the correct methods.

A young man in a semi-rural area comes to an Agent to bKash some money to someone through the Agent, but the Agent suggests him to not to send money this way because sending money through Agents are not complaint as per the rules of regulation of bKash and Bangladesh Bank. The young man becomes slightly surprised by the Agent’s suggestion. Agent also asks him to use his own bKash Account. The young man feels that it is a hassle to open one. The Agent then nicely explains that it isn’t wise to send his hard earned money through others;  It is easier to open a free bKash account and sending  money from his own account will be very easy for anyone. The youth gets convinced and the Agent carries on opening a bKash account for the young man. The end message urges everyone to use bKash in a compliant way.