Now Remittance comes easily in bKash Account

After collecting money from a small town counter, Morshed Master returns home completing a long tiring journey with his grandson Hasan. Masons were working then back at home. The head mason wants some money from Morshed. Morshed informs that he went town to collect the money sent by his son from Dubai. Head mason tells master that “If you had a bKash Account, you could have received money sent from abroad sitting right at home. Now I receive money directly into my bKash Account sent by my brother through Western Union.” Morshed becomes astonished after hearing this. His daughter-in-law Runa suggests him to open a bKash Account quickly and Morshed master agrees to this with a smiling face. At last, it is seen that now money sent from abroad can be received directly in bKash Account through Western Union.