Proyojone Pashey bKash

From an outlying village, school teacher Rahim’s only daughter Fatema’s wedding is taking place. As soon as the groom’s side reaches the wedding, the bride’s side blocks the gate as per the Bengali tradition and asks, “we are not letting you in unless you give 3,000 taka!” The brother-in-law of the groom surprises everyone by sending the money through bKash. Fatema’s dad notices the overflow of guests and informs his younger son Manik instantly about “extra 3 KG Roshogollas (Sweets)”, but Manik replies saying he doesn’t have enough money. Over hearing the conversation at that moment, the shopkeeper suggests him to “make the payment through bKash”. Manik suggests the same. Fatema’s father makes the payment through bKash right from the wedding venue and solves the problem instantly. Meanwhile the groom’s friend, Sujan; who already is acquainted with the bride’s beautiful cousin, get disconnected over phone while trying to call her due to insufficient balance on his mobile phone. Seeing his misery one of his friends reminds him of his bKash account. Sujan admits his forgetfulness and then recharge the balance of his mobile phone through his own bKash account and calls the girls. After that, we see decorator Monju Mia is asking for his dues from Fatema’s dad. Not having enough cash in his pocket doesn’t worry Fatema’s dad, instead he goes to the nearest bKash Agent shop to cash out the money and pays the decorator off. This is how we see how bKash is always there as a friend by everyone’s side, as an important part of their lives.