Pay your Visa Credit Card bill with bKash, instantly at home


Now, you can pay your Visa Credit Card bill through bKash, instantly at home. You can pay bill of any Visa Credit Card issued by any commercial bank, operating in Bangladesh

Service Charge Offer:

The customer will be charged 1% of the transaction amount, for Visa Credit Card bill payment. However, as a promotional offer from bKash, card members will get 1% Instant Cashback on total paid bill amount valid till 30th June 2020. As a result, the service charge can be waived by this cashback with a limit of up to 200 Taka during the offer period.

  • A customer is eligible to receive up to 200 Taka within the campaign period - for maximum bill payment of 20,000 Taka
  • The limit of 200 Taka is for both Visa and AMEX Credit Card combined. This means, whichever credit card bill you are paying, you will have a limit of 200 Taka for both Visa and AMEX
  • This offer will be valid till 30 June, 2020

There is no limit for Credit Card bill payment.

Service & Offer Details: 

  • Customer will receive the cashback If bKash recognizes the transaction as an authentic one and incoming transaction of customer’s bKash account is active
  • This service is for the Visa Credit Cards only.
  • bKash customers with active account status and sufficient balance can avail the service.
  • Credit Card bill can be paid in BDT only and this will reflect on the local (Bangladesh) part of the credit limit.
  • There is no limit for credit card bill payment. However, applicable payment rules of respective banks will be applied.  
  • The bill will be posted based on the banks' card management system. However, the payment update will not exceed 3 working days at any given point in time.
  • In cases of failure or unsuccessful transactions, a dual balance issue will be resolved within 24 hours of the transaction.
  • If a customer pays his/her Credit Card bill with bKash on the last date and is charged for the late fee, he/she should contact the Card issuing bank.
  • The customer can’t check his Credit Card bill from bKash. The customer can only pay his Visa credit card bill by using this service.
  • If payment was mistakenly made to a wrong Card, the customer needs to contact his Card issuing bank.
  • If a customer thinks that he/she paid an improper amount (eg. Wanted to pay 500, instead of that paid 5,000) then the customer can communicate with his Card issuing bank.
  • In case of emergency, bKash customer service representatives can take note only the last 4 digits of the card number in the ticketing system or anywhere else such as in email or on paper during the discussion. However, the customer needs to be aware NOT to disclose the full card number intentionally/unintentionally.
  • Customer must not share his/ her bKash Account PIN with anyone. bKash shall not be held liable for any fraud and/or loss borne by the customer. The user shall remain fully responsible to accept and acknowledge the liabilities of any bKash transactions
  • Customer should be mindful while entering the amount, card number etc. bKash provides a secured transaction platform only, and will not be liable for any human error, misrepresentation or fraudulent activity arising from the use of the service
  • bKash reserves the right to cancel cashback payout if the particular transaction and/or the transaction behavior raises reasonable suspicion that customer has abused the benefit of the cashback campaign