Making payments for microfinance organizations is now easier with bKash.

Making instalment payments for microfinance organizations is now easier, secure and more transparent with bKash's 'Microfinance' service. Customers can pay the instalments for savings/DPS, loans and other services taken from specific microfinance organizations at their convenience through this service.

Service Details

-Through this service, customers can easily pay the instalment fees for loans and savings taken from a designated microfinance organization.

-Customers are first verified and then allowed to make instalment payments. A person cannot make payments under another person's name.

-Customers can change the amount of the instalment and pay small amounts multiple times or pay the full amount before the monthly/weekly instalment due date. This means if the instalment amount is high, it can be broken down into smaller amounts before the due date.

-Customers can enjoy this service by dialing *247# for payment, even without using the bKash app.

Services for microfinance organizations

-Digital collection of instalment payments

-Real-time transaction reporting

-Employee time tracking and productivity improvement

-Increased proficiency in cash management

-Reduced risk of carrying cash

-Encouraging customers towards digital transactions 

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