Reset your bKash PIN by yourself in 2 easy steps | bKash

Reset your bKash PIN by yourself in 2 easy steps


  • Now Reset Your Pin from the bKash App or by dialing *247#!

    No need to worry if you forget your bKash account’s PIN number. Now you can reset the PIN yourself through the bKash app as well as by dialing *247#. 


    PIN Reset Rules:

    • For Android Users:
    • Tap on 'Forgot PIN?' from the app's login screen.
    • Tap on the 'Reset PIN' option.
    • The verification code will be added automatically. Then tap on the confirm button.
    • Then complete the face scanning process as per the mentioned rules.
    • Wait without closing the app during verification.
    • Enter the temporary PIN number sent by bKash and tap on the confirm button.
    • Enter a new 5-digit pin number of your choice.
    • Confirm with the new PIN number and log in to the app again to complete the process.



    • Pin Change by Dialing *247#:
    • After dialing *247# type 9 and select My bKash.
    • Select Change PIN by typing 3.
    • Enter your current pin number.
    • Enter a new 5-digit pin number.
    • Confirm again with the new PIN number.
    • You will get a confirmation message on your phone and the new PIN will be set.


    Be aware of the following when resetting the PIN:

    • Customers can attempt to reset the PIN 3 times within 24 hours. PIN reset cannot be attempted through the app for the next 8 hours, whether the third attempt is successful or unsuccessful.
    • Customers will get two minutes to scan their faces by following the instructions.
    • The entire verification process may take up to 5 minutes. But if the customer returns to the previous page during the scanning process, the PIN Reset attempt will fail
    • If a customer sets a new PIN, they cannot set the PIN again through any channel for the next 8 hours.
    • Customers who have registered to open a bKash account using any ID (passport, driving license, etc.) other than their National Identity Card cannot reset the PIN through the app.
    • Customers will have 8 seconds to learn each face scanning gesture.
    • If the bKash account is not registered with a National Identity Card, the account holder will see a banner stating that the PIN cannot be reset through the app. It will also mention the other option for PIN Reset by dialing *247#.
    • If the app is closed or deleted during the face scanning process, the PIN Reset attempt will fail, and the customer will have to start it all over again.
    • Customers will be able to see that the verification process has failed and will also receive a Push Notification.
    • After restarting the app during ongoing verification, the customer has to enter his phone number and OTP. After successful OTP verification, the customer can proceed to the next step.
    • If the temporary PIN or new PIN setting time expires, the PIN cannot be reset from the app or USSD
    • If the customer goes back from the temporary PIN setting page, the app needs to be restarted