Interest on Savings | bKash

Interest on Savings

Along with keeping money safe, you can also enjoy up to 3% Interest (per annum) on Savings on your bKash Account.

Interest is offered to bKash Customer Accounts only.

Interest Rate:


Rate p.a.

5,000.00 - 50,000.99


50,001.00 - 150,000.99


150,001.00 - 250,000.99


250,000.99 +




Conditions :

  1. Only individual bKash account holder will be eligible.
  2. Minimum balance of Tk. 5,000 every day of a calendar month.
  3. Interest amount will be calculated on average daily balance in a month.
  4. Interest rate slab will be considered based on the lowest day end balance in a month.
  5. bKash account holder must have minimum financial transaction of 10 or more in a month.
  6. In order to receive interest, account status and incoming transaction of customer bKash account must be active. If interest disbursement fails due to customer bKash account status issue, customer will not be eligible to receive interest for that payment cycle.
  7. In case interest disbursement fails due to any unknown/unforeseen reason except for customer bKash account status issue, bKash will retry interest disbursement manually for one time within 2 months after the initial disbursement date. If all attempts fail, no other attempt will be made and customer will no longer be entitled for that interest.
  8. The interest amount will be credited after the necessary government TAX/VAT deduction.
  9. Interest will be disbursed on a bi-annual basis.

Service Activation:

Upon fulfilling the above-mentioned conditions, all existing and new bKash customers can earn interest; no service activation is required

Service Deactivation:

If you do not wish to receive interest on your bKash Wallet, please follow the steps below:

  • Call 16247 
  • Select language ( 1 for Bangla and 2 for English )
  • Press 5 for Interest on Savings and other information
  • Press 1 for interest-related information
  • Press 1 to discontinue receiving interest (If you want to reactivate your previously discontinued interest service please press 2)
  • After your status change request is processed, you will be notified through an SMS.