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Request Money

In any situation Request Money without a doubt with the new Request Money option from bKash. From now on you can send requests to your friends at any time! By going to 'Request Money' in bKash App, select the receiver's bKash account number and enter the amount and PIN, your request will be received! A maximum of 10 people can request from BDT100 to BDT25,000 per day without any charge.

Request Money

Request Money on bKash App, for any need!

You can now request money from your loved ones in the bKash app if necessary! You can make requests at any time, either individually or in a group.

How to use Request Money?

  • Tap on the ‘Request Money’ icon in bKash app to make a request
  • Select the contact for whom you want to make the request
  • Enter the amount
  • Write a note, enter your bKash PIN, tap and hold to submit the request
  • The request recipient can now send money by accepting your request through the bKash app's Request Money dashboard or Request Money notification.


How to use Group Request Money?

  • To create a group, select ‘Group Request Money’ on ‘Request Money’ section of the bKash app
  • Choose a maximum of 10 contacts, and then enter group name
  • You can split the request equally among each group contact, or set a different amount to each number when you enter the total amount
  • To Request Money from the group, check the details, then tap and hold
  • The request recipient can now send money by accepting your request through the bKash app's Request Money dashboard or Request Money notification.
  • Additionally, by selecting Group Request Money from Request Money section, you can easily request money from your saved groups


Guidelines for Group Request Money

  • A customer can Request money from an individual or in a group.
  • A group can consist of a maximum of 10 members.
  • A group must consist of at least 2 members.
  • Own number cannot be added in the group.
  • Equal amounts or different amounts can be requested from each group member.
  • A customer may create multiple groups.
  • There are no additional charges to availing Request Money service.
  • By accepting the request, standard transaction charges (including favorite and other numbers) for Send Money are applicable.
  • Accepting Request Money for transactions are subject to daily and monthly send money limits.
  • Request Money is only available on the bKash app.
  • Requester will be notified if the request is rejected.
  • If you want, you can block the requester so that they cannot make another request to you in the future.
  • You can also unblock any contact from the blocked contact list from ‘Request Money’ section.
  • You can send a maximum of 10 Request Money daily (group and individual combined).
  • You can make one request per day to the same contact.
  • You can receive up to three Request Money each day.
  • You can request up to BDT 25,000 per day.



Available on Multiple Platforms

bkash platforms - app

Download bKash App

One app to meet all your financial needs. Download now to make fast and secure transactions with the bKash app.

bkash platforms - ussd


bKash USSD platform helps you to make financial transactions from mobile devices without the need of an internet connection. Dial *247# to get started.

bkash platforms - web

Payment Gateway

bKash secure payment gateway provides bKash payment services to merchants and organizations for the convenience of its customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are in Bangladesh, but the unable to log in please follow these steps
1. Ensure there is no VPN running in the background
2. Please try to log in using mobile data
3. Ensure Bangladeshi SIM is inserted into the phone
4. Try closing the app and clear it from the background and restart the app
5. If the problem still persists, please share your IP and address and ISP name to the bKash customer service channels. 
(Note: you can find your IP, simply by searching "What is my IP address" in, and your ISP name is the name of your Internet service provider which can be found in the internet bill receipt)

a. bKash Account

   - A virtual storage of money that can be accessed through your mobile phone. After registration, your mobile number will be your bKash Account number.

b. Open an Account

     - Opening a bKash Account on your mobile phone.  

c. bKash Mobile Menu
     - The menu you see after dialing *247#.

d. Cash In 
     - Depositing money into your bKash Account.

e. Cash Out
   - Withdrawing money from your bKash Account. You can Cash Out from any bKash Agent Point or from BRAC Bank or any Q-Cash ATM.

f. Send Money
     - Transferring money from one bKash Account to another bKash Account.

g. Mobile Recharge
     - Mobile Recharge service allows you to recharge your Mobile Phone Balance from your bKash Account.

h. Payment
    - When you pay from your bKash Account to a seller against a product or service you purchase.

i. Remittance
     - Receiving funds from abroad in your bKash Account in Bangladesh.

j. bKash Mobile Menu PIN
    - This is a secret number, like a password, that secures your bKash Account.

k. Security Code
    - Security Code is a one time PIN. When you Cash Out from the ATM, you need to generate a Security Code which can be used only once and remains valid for 5 minutes.

l. Transaction ID
    - A system-generated unique reference number against each transaction that is preserved as identification.

m. Reference
    - Mentioning the purpose of the transaction for your own records.


- Yes, you need to open a bKash Account to use bKash services

- Bangladeshi National
- Age 18 years or above
- Having a valid Photo national ID/Passport/Driving License 
- Currently Robi, Grameenphone, Banglalink, Teletalk and Airtel subscribers

No, opening an Account is completely FREE.