11 years of empowerment

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23 May 2023 | 7 mins read

With a journey more than a decade long, years of achievements, numerous milestones, incomparable stories – bKash has been more than just a company, it has been a family for its employees, a pioneer of innovation, an example of strong ownership and compliance, a powerhouse of impact and so much more. 

In 11 years, bKash has created a deep impact in the lives of millions, so much that people now use ‘bKash’ as a verb rather than a noun. Seeing or hearing about bKash has become a common phenomenon across the country. Customers now say “bKash me” (bKash koro - in Bangla) instead of “send me money”. Therefore, bKash aims to keep on growing and impacting more lives, just like it has been doing since its inception.

bKash started as an idea. Keeping innovation at its core, the company made a wide range of transactions extremely convenient. Whenever bKash saw problems, it worked on the opportunities to come up with innovative solutions. In that journey, bKash also took in the strength of the digital vision of the country’s government. Millions of unbanked and underbanked individuals now have a medium to send and receive money without any hassle. With the country advancing towards digitalization every day, bKash has been one of the front-runners to make it happen. It has empowered people belonging to different socio-economic backgrounds by creating an effective combination of digitalization and financial inclusion to take the economy of the country forward.

11 years ago, Kamal Quadir, founder and CEO of bKash, started working on bringing people with low income under mobile financial services, as he realized that their income and the regular transactions are not reasonable for banks to cater to. Hence, a big chunk of the population remains outside formal banking channels. He turned that scenario around and is still working relentlessly to bring more innovative and inclusive mobile-based financial services. bKash now caters to millions of users who transact regularly using the app or USSD code. bKash contributed to the economy of the country by creating a widespread agent network, where they function as human ATMs and are present in every corner of the country. This has warranted the employment of a huge number of people and established the availability of money whenever needed.

bKash has grasped a significant place in people’s lives and become an alternative lifeline for financial transactions over the 11 years. The organization never discriminates among any social tier of people and tailors their services keeping everyone in mind. Financial inclusion is in the DNA of bKash and a dominant aspect behind the formulation of services; which is why bKash can be used by people with or without a smartphone, regardless of whether their phones are high-end or inexpensive. While anyone with a valid national identity card is able to hold a bKash account, it also ensures that transactions via bKash are secure.  

Coming up with innovative solutions every day, bKash App has made things simpler, and over time customers have gotten one brilliant feature after another. People can do the basics, i.e., send and receive money, but that doesn’t end there. Mobile recharge, merchant payments, cashing out, transferring money from bank/card to bKash account and vice versa, paying a wide range of utility bills, donating, opening Savings schemes, taking Digital Nano Loans and so much more can be done with the bKash app. 

While bKash created an impact all over the country, it has made an equally massive impact on the lives of its employees too. Being recognized as the No. 1 Employer of Choice in Bangladesh for the third times in a row, bKash hires remarkable local talents and successfully retains them. The employee satisfaction in this company is significant, which has only been possible due to the recognition-based work culture. Currently, bKash has a variety of divisions and departments including Marketing, HR, Commercial, Product & Technology, Finance & Accounts, Communications, Customer Service, External and Corporate Affairs, Internal Control, Enterprise Risk Management and Legal where employees can explore their full potential. Additionally, bKash encourages career development and works diligently to make sure that employees in their respective areas grow to their fullest. 

In the past 11 years, bKash has been the artisan and accomplisher of many dreams and impacts. A journey more than a decade long of emotion, hard work, success and so much more has made bKash what it is today. The people and their aspirations are the fuel of the organization and bKash aims to conserve them forever. 11 successful years have passed, with so many more to come. And while bKash embarks on its expedition in the coming years, it looks back at the successes, failures, achievements, disappointments, and lessons learned.

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