The values that uphold us

Posted by bKash

29 November 2022 | 7 mins read

Values depict both worth and principles. Interestingly, depending on the principles we have, our worth can go up or down as human beings. The people we become, the actions we take are results of the values we were brought up with. If we are buildings, then values are  the pillars. So, that speaks volumes about how significant our values really are.

bKash, an organization that is constantly growing bigger, stands on its values. The organization has always been very particular and keen about its values and makes sure to never do anything that jeopardizes them. The five values that bKash abides by are - integrity in business, empowerment, innovation, respectful dealings and customer centricity. These five pillars are what bKash stands on and the organization does everything possible to not deviate from them.

We, as an organization seamlessly move upward and onward, on the strength of our embedded values. They are so closely inscribed and celebrated here that these values inspire employees to be better as human beings, better at work and better at life. When they contribute to any project, they have integrity of business in mind, working with no hidden agenda, complying with the laws of the land and never compromising with the code of conduct.

bKash, being a hub of innovation, always finds ways to innovate and identifies this as a value. The people in this organization work to drive changes as frequently as possible, for the best suitable solutions, all the while encouraging new ideas. Another value is our respectful dealings, which make us listen to all and encourage open communication to the fullest. While being open at communication, we prefer to be courteous, fair and consistent towards everyone and their opinions. From the junior-most colleague to the senior-most team lead, everyone respects each other’s ideas and suggestions.

Through bKash’s products and services, we always cater to what our customers want, keeping customer centricity in focus. We serve customers with utmost priority, seeking feedback proactively and delivering solutions according to our customers’ requirements. Last but not least, our value of empowerment is glorified and carried on by setting clear expectations for all, so that everyone knows what is required of them and what they have to do to achieve those goals. We are empowered in this organization through responsibilities and authority, and we constantly gain recognition for the work we do. And with all our hard work and persistence, we do our best to give our customers more power.

The five values that bKash stands on make the organization grow in the best possible ways and we, the people in this organization, are constantly reminded of these values.

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