Electricity Bill

You can pay any Electricity Bill directly from your bKash App sitting at the comfort of your own home anywhere in Bangladesh. No need to stand in long queues for hours and you will get the Digital Receipt directly on your mobile phone instantly upon paying bill from bKash App!

Billerwise charge will be applicable on paying the bill from bKash App or by dialing *247#. 

How to bKash Prepaid Electricity Bill with bKash App

1. Select ‘Pay Bill’ from bKash app screen

2. Tap 'Electricity' and select biller

3. Enter Account number & necessary information

4. Enter recharge amount and complete transaction by entering your bKash Account PIN

5. Check your digital receipt in bKash App

6. You will receive an SMS with a token number after paying the prepaid meter electricity bill. (However, if you do not receive the token number through the SMS, then go to the message option of your mobile, write your meter number and send it to 04445616247. You will receive your token number through a return SMS shortly) 

Collect Bill Token 

7. When you enter this token number into your electricity meter, your electricity bill payment will be completed/updated in the meter.

How to bKash Postpaid Electricity Bill with bKash App

1. Select ‘Pay Bill’ from bKash App home

2. Tap 'Electricity' and select biller

3. Enter bill period and Bill Account Number

4. Check bill amount and complete transaction by entering your bKash Account PIN. 

Watch how simple it is to Pay Bill with bKash App